by Address

40Abbottsford Road Too Klez for Comfort1:00-2:00pm
59Ackers Avenue Little Break4:00-5:00pm
59Ackers Avenue Tell Me Another One5:00-6:00pm
20Amory Street The Last Love3:00-4:00pm
40Aspinwall Avenue Parallel Antics3:30-4:00pm
40Aspinwall Avenue Tomtsu3:00-3:30pm
40Aspinwall Avenue Change of Plans4:30-5:00pm
40Aspinwall Avenue Lost Zebras4:00-4:30pm
163Babcock Street Tito4:30-5:00pm
111Babcock Street Ethan Kenvarg5:00-6:00pm
163Babcock Street Stoli5:00-6:30pm
111Babcock Street Double Star6:00-7:00pm
21Bartlett Crescent Justus1:00-2:00pm
89Beaconsfield Road The Real Cool Cats3:00-5:00pm
106Beals Street Silver Top Pickers1:00-2:00pm
106Beals Street Them City Ducks2:00-3:00pm
16Beals Street Rock and Roll University3:00-5:00pm
87Beals Street The Oswalds5:00-6:00pm
213Boylston Street Third Rail Down2:00-3:00pm
213Boylston Street Main Street News3:00-4:00pm
69Brook Street Brook Street Front Porch1:00-3:00pm
58Brook Street Cool Fool3:00-4:00pm
82Brook Street Impromptunes4:00-5:00pm
61Centre Street FöSS5:00-7:00pm
395Chestnut Hill AveAlec Hutson5:00-6:00pm
165Chestnut Street Fellas Four 1:00-3:00pm
242Clark Road “3AM”2:00-3:00pm
285Clark Road Jay Ottaway and the Ramble2:00-4:00pm
242Clark Road The Expressions3:00-4:00pm
88Columbia Street Bob Toabe2:00-3:00pm
820Commonwealth Ave Citizens’ Loft House Band2:00-4:00pm
24Cottage Farm RoadPolar Vortex1:00-3:00pm
162Cypress Street alpha-sin5:00-6:00pm
162Cypress Street Brookline Hillbillies6:00-7:00pm
68Davis Ave Brookline Music School Allstars5:00-6:00pm
68Davis Ave Filet of Soul6:00-7:00pm
58Davis Avenue Usually Seven1:00-1:30pm
58Davis Avenue The Sharp Nines2:00-3:00pm
16Emerson Street The Copley Cats3:00-4:00pm
16Emerson Street The Brill Project4:00-5:00pm
22Emerson Street Too Klez for Comfort5:00-6:00pm
247Fisher Ave Theo and The Seth’s6:00-7:00pm
2Gardner Road Galen Will1:00-2:00pm
64Gardner Road Jukebox Vibe3:00-4:00pm
64Gardner Road NASA4:00-4:30pm
16Greenough Street Gilded Angst (Formerly Beatles US)5:00-7:00pm
7Griggs Terrace Michael Tirgardoon2:00-2:30pm
12Griggs Terrace Morgan Minsk6:00-7:00pm
46Harris Street Eddie Miller3:00-4:00pm
46Harris Street George Kramer Gibson4:00-5:00pm
23Harris Street H&J Choro5:00-6:00pm
23Harris Street Na Banguela6:00-7:00pm
38Harrison Street Train Trick1:00-2:00pm
38Harrison Street Sugarcoma2:00-3:00pm
89Highland Road Blind Ambition3:00-4:00pm
58Irving Street Neighborhood Rocks5:00-6:00pm
58Irving Street Maldugunis (Will-o’-the-Wisp)6:00-7:00pm
25KennardDarry Dolezal1:00-2:00pm
40Kent Street NXNES4:00-5:00pm
247Kent Street Blue Hyenas5:00-6:00pm
40Kent Street Amanda + Friends5:00-6:00pm
247Kent Street Bradford Beard6:00-6:30pm
9Littell Road Seth Hanson3:00-4:00pm
9Littell Road Rachel Eber4:00-5:00pm
34Manchester RoadFace for Radio2:00-4:00pm
162Mason Terrace b.mez3:00-4:00pm
69Naples Road Fish House1:00-1:30pm
127Naples Road Visiting Wine2:00-3:00pm
69Naples Road Orson & The Rosebuds2:00-3:00pm
127Naples Road Chloe Louise & The Backwoods Thieves3:00-4:00pm
51Naples Road Ukulele Singalong3:00-4:00pm
41Osborne Road Happy Dance1:00-3:00pm
37Osborne Road West Wind Trio3:00-4:00pm
37Osborne Road The Clark Page Project4:00-5:00pm
12Osborne Road Isobel Knight5:00-6:00pm
12Osborne Road Woundikin6:00-7:00pm
15Park Vale Brookline Blues Breakers2:00-3:00pm
83Penniman Place Jam Sandwich3:00-4:00pm
66Perry Street Ricardo Barraza1:00-3:00pm
78-80Powell Street Lenny Solomon with Gary Kemp2:00-3:00pm
78-80Powell Street 3 Brothers Bluze3:00-4:00pm
32Russell Street Tom Marton & Friends2:00-4:00pm
91Saint Paul StreetAdult Lunchbox1:00-3:00pm
37Stanton Road 13 Bar Bluegrass2:00-3:00pm
27Stanton Road DVinci Soul3:00-5:00pm
102Stearns Road Tio Rojo3:00-5:00pm
24Stetson Street Danny Pepper and Friends4:00-6:00pm
29Thayer Street The Brothers Donnelly3:00-4:00pm
178Thorndike Street Johanna Tulloch2:00-3:00pm
29Thorndike Street Josephine With A Cause2:00-3:00pm
178Thorndike Street Carol3:00-3:30pm
29Thorndike Street Plumes3:00-4:00pm
61Toxteth Street Sweetbrier1:00-3:00pm
62Toxteth Street Percussionisms3:00-4:00pm
62Toxteth Street The Lotus Sound4:00-5:00pm
81Toxteth Street Opposite People5:00-7:00pm
84University Road Coulda Been Worse4:00-6:00pm
361Washington Street False Pocket12:00-1:00pm
682Washington Street Square Machine4:30-5:00pm
682Washington Street That Cosmic Echo4:00-4:30pm
682Washington Street The Apsychalypse5:00-6:00pm
44Waverly Street Junko Ogawa1:00-2:00pm
44Waverly Street Craig Sonnenfeld2:00-3:00pm
32Webster Place Musical Friends2:00-3:00pm
959West Roxbury PkwyUncle Bob’s Donut Shoppe1:00-2:00pm
959West Roxbury PkwyZack Facco2:00-3:00pm
21Weybridge Road El Arte Flamenco 2:00-2:30pm
33White Place Kid Gulliver2:00-3:00pm
33White Place Field Day3:00-4:00pm
33White Place DÚBH4:00-5:00pm
24Williams Street Linda Marks and Woody Carpinella4:00-5:00pm
135Winthrop Road Flootissimo2:00-3:00pm
135Winthrop Road Willow Flute Ensemble3:00-4:00pm
30Winthrop Road Beacon for Spirits5:00-6:00pm
30Winthrop Road The Wild Allegations6:00-7:00pm


Saturday, June 8
12:00-1:00 Kick-off event at Public Library of Brookline (361 Washington St)
1:00-7:00 Music on porches town-wide June 15 – Rain Date