Brookline Porchfest

September 17, 2022

Sweet Wednesday

7 Griggs Terrace | 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Sweet Wednesday’s songs tell wonderful stories, with beauty, humor, and passion.
Rock, folk, and americana lovers instantly fall in love with the tunes of these nationally touring troubadours, whose engaging personalities make each listener feel part of a community.
Originally from Boston, Dave Falk and Lisa Housman have toured the country for the past ten years, both as an acoustic duo and with their band.
Awards and honors include First Place in the Great American Song Contest, First Place in the Dallas Songwriting Competition, Runner Up in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and many more.
Lisa Housman sings and plays guitar, and multi-instrumentalist Dave Falk sings and lends his own unique and dazzling style to the guitar, harmonica, and violin.
“Think about the last time you received an unexpected and totally delightful gift. That’s just how I felt when I heard the music of Sweet Wednesday. You’ll forgive the gushing when you hear the alt-country, folk, roots sound of the Boston-based duo known individually as Dave Falk and Lisa Housman. I didn’t think musicians made music this addictive anymore.” 
Nancy Dunham, MTV Partner Ourstage & Contributing Writer for Rolling Stone