Brookline Porchfest

September 17, 2022

Field Day

33 White Place | 1:00 – 2:00 PM

Field Day formed proverbially, in a basement, and unexpectedly, when its members were well into middle age. Joan Anderman was a neophyte, having left her longtime post as rock critic at The Boston Globe and set out to become a songwriter. Her former Globe colleague Dan Zedek, veteran of numerous college bands, was sitting on a stash of songs written in his head while riding the train to work. With the addition of bassist Phil Magnifico and drummer Chuck Hargreaves, Field Day has become an unlikely upstart on the Boston club scene, playing rock music with scrappy hooks, dreamy harmonies, and irrepressible spirit. Hear their music, including their latest two-song single “Everything, Everyone/The Next Day” on Light of Day Records at