Brookline Porchfest

September 17, 2022

Audrey Bussanich

210 Harvard Street | 1:00 – 1:30 PM

Audrey Bussanich creates music expressing things you’ve always felt but never said out loud. They are songs that make you see your own life in a new light: it’s the same room, but this time you notice the sound of the clock ticking, the smell of the wood floors, the way the light illuminates the plant on the windowsill. Authentic and intimate storytelling is at the heart of every song.

This 24-year-old songstress didn’t arrive on the Americana scene overnight. Audrey’s knack for melody became evident at age 3, when her parents noticed her transcribing motives from Prokofiev’s Symphonies on her toy piano. What began as a natural, musical instinct developed into a deep love for performance and composition. “I loved studying classical music, but I was always more captivated with the music in my head than I was with the notes on the page” she explains. So, at age 17, Audrey swapped the concert halls for dive bars, where she played her original songs on the electric guitar she inherited from her Great Grandfather.

Audrey’s songs introduce a fresh blend of Americana Storytelling. “Go for a Drive”, her most recent EP, captures what it feels like to be at the beginning of a new love, where everything is hopeful and nothing is certain. All you have is the adventure beyond, if only you’re brave enough to pick up the keys and say “Let’s Go!”. Americana Highways named the “Go for a Drive” EP as “One of the Year’s Best Independent Americana Releases” (Americana Highways, 2022).