Do you...

  • own a PORCH, &
  • have/need a BAND?

Porch Owners

Choose one of the applications below to apply as a PORCH seeking a band, or as a PORCH with a band (just be sure that the band also applies).


Do you...

  • lead a BAND, &
  • have/need a PORCH?

Band Leaders

Choose one of the applications below to apply as a BAND seeking a porch, or as a BAND with a porch (just be sure that the porch owner also applies).


Do you...

  • like to flyer, &
  • want to help out?


Brookline Porchfest needs help with postcard, flyer, lawn sign, & packet distribution. We also could use some help on the day of, with people on the street. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the application below.



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  • March 1 - Applications Open
  • April 26 - Applications Close
  • May 11 - Official Schedule Announcement
  • June 8 - Brookline Porchfest 2019!
  • 12:00-1:00 Kick off event at Brookline Public Library
  • 1:00-7:00 Music on porches town wide
  • June 15 - Rain Date

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